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Accessing resources in a private network with SSH tunnel proxies

How to use SSH tunnels to access private websites, databases, and pull docker images from a host outside the network.

Setting up a K8s cluster with kubeadm on a Debian 11 Bullseye laptop

The particularities of setting up a K8s cluster with kubeadm on a laptop

Restoring files that were never committed with git

Going back to a history that never existed

Saving PDF files with a CMYK color profile with Inkscape in 2022

CMYK is still a pain in Inkscape but there is a way to get close

Make active conda environment persist in Neovim terminal

Small fix in bashrc or zshrc for making conda environments more intuitive

Fixing slow internet connections due to DNS configuration in Linux

Slow connections may be due to improperly configured NetworkManager DNS

Search and install multiple packages with pacman

Some shell tricks to search and install multiple packages at once

Setting up cusdis on your server behind nginx to host your own comments

Here I go through the steps I followed for setting up a comments system running on my own site

Why are there twelve different musical notes?

What prime numbers and continued fractions have to do with music

Debugging python in neovim

Options for debugging python code when developing in neovim

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