My name is Niels. Online I often use the alias din14970. I like to work at the interface between science, tech, software and data.

By training I'm a materials scientist and physicist. For my Ph.D. I investigated the effects of high energy radiation on metals at the nanoscale using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and atom probe tomography (APT). As a postdoc researcher I delved deeper into electron imaging physics and developed image processing routines for large multidimensional TEM datasets.

I'm also a longtime enthusiast of Python, data, high performance computing (HPC), Linux and open source software. During my postdoc I contributed extensively to python based open source TEM data analysis packages, using the scientific python stack in addition to libraries like cupy, numba, and dask. I worked as a data engineering consultant where I implemented data pipelines for enterprise clients with PySpark, python, Docker and Kubernetes on an AWS based data platform. As a freelancer I built scientific software for a major TEM manufacturer. Currently I'm working as a data scientist and scientific software developer at VITO, working on computer vision projects with PyTorch and TensorFlow. I'm also interested and involved in scientific data management efforts.

Get in touch with me if

  • you are looking for a niche profile with a solid physics and/or experimentalist background who can also write and deploy production grade code.
  • you are active in the materials characterization or electron microscopy space and face software development or data (analysis) challenges.
  • you have legacy python code that needs to be optimized for performance or you have big data challenges that need very customized solutions.
  • you have research data management and data governance issues and need technical solutions.

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How this site was made

The site started as a small personal project to experiment with static site generators, front-end web design, and self-hosting a website. To create it, I used Pelican and employed elements of Bootstrap. The source code for this site is freely available on Github.